My makeup box

Heres my kit scaled down for a job with one client. Loving my holder which I loaded up with foundations and lipsticks.

Every makeup artist needs to learn how to minimise their kit or you can end up carrying things that you don”t need. I always get as much information about a job as possible. I usually find out the following:-What colour is the client? – this helps you decide what colour skin foundations/powders/eyeshadows you need to bring – no point in bringing lighter foundations if the model is dark skinned or vice versa.

If you are doing a celebrity/actress/somebody in the media, google them or ask for a picture to be emailed over to you so that you can see what their features are like. It’s good to familiarise yourself with the client beforehand.

Get a synopsis of the job so that you know exactly what type of production you are working on, i.e press run, red carpet, TV interview/show, photoshoot, video. film,, is it on location or in a studio?  This information will help you to tailor make your kit to the client and the job.